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 K-People : Dr Pila & Dr Pilu under discussion about art while the walls came tumbling down [Mephistopholus et Marce] Comments (2)

One day later they awoke under all that dirt and rubbish of the tumbled down house, then they left the room (as you might can imagine there wasn't really a room anymore) both with some bullets in their bodies. You might ask they had some bullets in their bodies how could they move? I just can say: They did. That's the naked truth. And there's proof of it. Want to know what happens after that? Just ask... there is a small chance of an answer.

" das bild gefällt mir, d. lynch nix dagegen ;-) "
m 3.9.2011 - 09:08
" Wenigstens etwas erfreuliches in einer gerade etwas zu übertrieben unerfreulichen Zeit... "
A. 7.1.2011 - 18:37

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