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 Contre la guerrč - [marce - Miacsel - Mephistopholus] Comments (3)

Contre la guerrč from Mr. M. G. on Vimeo. First Version - Next is in progress

"                         The Certainty
They have refined the means of destruction,
abstract science almost visibly shining,
it is so highly polished. Immaterial weapons
no one could ever hold in their hands
streak across darkness, across great distances,
threading through mazes to arrive
targets that are concepts -
But one ancient certainty
remains: war
means blood spilling from living bodies,
means severed limbs, blindness, terror,
means grief, agony, orphans, starvation,
prolonged misery, prolonged resentment and hatred and guilt,
means all of these multiplied, multiplied,
means death, death, death and death.
C O N T R E   l a   G U E R R Č "
Denise L. 18.2.2011 - 17:58
" Das Modell und nicht der Künstler = Genie
So ist es! "
Marce 18.2.2011 - 17:39
" Mr. M. G. = Genie --- blue people!!! total krassna alter, krassna, krassnapolski!!!  "
Mephistopholus 14.1.2011 - 00:37

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